The Hard Rubber Orchestra

Pat's Pub
Date : 31 / May / 2015
Time : 1-4pm
Address : 403 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, BC

Hard Rubber Orchestra @ Pat's Pub

Established in 1992 the Hard Rubber New Music Society is a non-profit, charitable status organization with a mandate to educate the Canadian public on and introduce a wider audience to contemporary music and multi-media art. The purposes of the Society are: • to provide a non-profit environment for the performance, production and composition of music and other disciplines i) by the presentation of music, theatre and other events, including festivals; ii) by providing instruction in music and composition through workshops and classes and iii) by the creation of new works and the development of new performance techniques in music, theatre and other disciplines; • to acquire by purchase, lease, or otherwise obtain, equipment and other chattels necessary for the aforementioned activities; • to enhance the development of the arts and cultural heritage of British Columbia and Canada. The Society is aware of the difficulty of generating audiences for diverse “creative” music and our aim has always been to maintain a high level of music integrity while also developing arts-appreciative concertgoers among the general public. The goal is to produce shows that are uncompromising in artistic values, that generate audience curiosity and interest in new music, that promote contemporary Canadian compositions and that are fulfilling for all participants, and to create events that are as unusual and as exciting as possible. A wide range of music including musique actuelle, electro-acoustic, jazz, world, improvised and popular music as well as some traditional new music is presented in imaginative, entertaining and unusual ways while adhering to the highest artistic standards.

Let’s Roll // Eli Bennett - Breakthrough
  1. Let’s Roll // Eli Bennett - Breakthrough
  2. Vanishing Point // Eli Bennett - Breakthrough
  3. The Other Side // Eli Bennett - Breakthrough
  4. Step On It // Eli Bennett - Breakthrough
  5. Forever // Eli Bennett - Breakthrough
  6. Mistaken Perception // Eli Bennett - Breakthrough
  7. Giant Steps // Eli Bennett - Breakthrough
  8. Upside Swagger // Eli Bennett - Breakthrough
  9. Breakthrough // Eli Bennett - Breakthrough