Rosemary Siemens

The Luminary Award Soirée 2018 - Fairmont Hotel Vancouver
Date : 2 / Nov / 2018
Address : 900 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, BC

Rosemary Siemens @ Luminary Awards

The Luminary Award Soirée is a glamorous evening to celebrate the power of mentorship. It’s a tough world for girls. With your support, we can continue empowering girls in our community to overcome obstacles, gain the confidence to reach their full potential, and become the leaders of tomorrow.

Every year we are amazed at the generosity and dedication our guests have to the power of mentorship. You are essential to the continuation of our programs, to making sure every girl on our waitlist is matched with a supportive Big Sister, and to ensuring all our matches are long-lasting, impactful, and positive mentorships.

Each year at our Luminary Award Soirée, Big Sisters honours an exceptional person who has moved the needle in regards to children, mentorship, and philanthropy. This year, we celebrate an inspirational woman who has made a remarkable impact for women, children, and her community. Andrea Thomas Hill cares deeply about making the world a better place—and we are beyond inspired by this dedication! Learn more about her at the event during a live, on-stage interview hosted by special guest, Trevor Linden.

Let’s Roll // Eli Bennett - Breakthrough
  1. Let’s Roll // Eli Bennett - Breakthrough
  2. Vanishing Point // Eli Bennett - Breakthrough
  3. The Other Side // Eli Bennett - Breakthrough
  4. Step On It // Eli Bennett - Breakthrough
  5. Forever // Eli Bennett - Breakthrough
  6. Mistaken Perception // Eli Bennett - Breakthrough
  7. Giant Steps // Eli Bennett - Breakthrough
  8. Upside Swagger // Eli Bennett - Breakthrough
  9. Breakthrough // Eli Bennett - Breakthrough