Rosemary Siemens

Fraser Institute Gala - Fairmont Hotel Vancouver
Date : 1 / Nov / 2018
Address : 900 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, BC

Rosemary Siemens @ Fraser Institute Gala

The Fraser Institute Founders’ Award, in recognition of its founders T. Patrick Boyle and Michael A. Walker, is the Institute’s highest honour. The award is presented annually to individuals in recognition of their exceptional entrepreneurial achievements, generous philanthropic endeavours and dedication to competitive markets. Past recipients include exemplary Canadians such as Richard Jaffray, Keith and Ryan Beedie, Chip Wilson, Brandt C. Louie, George Melville, Jim Treliving, Darren Entwistle, Norman Keevil and Peter Brown.

Please join the Fraser Institute in celebrating Mr. Diamond’s contributions to Vancouver and Canadian businesses. In previous years, Vancouver attendees have been very generous with their support which has been instrumental in ensuring each honouree is celebrated in a manner fitting of their contribution. We hope that this year you will help us continue that tradition.

Let’s Roll // Eli Bennett - Breakthrough
  1. Let’s Roll // Eli Bennett - Breakthrough
  2. Vanishing Point // Eli Bennett - Breakthrough
  3. The Other Side // Eli Bennett - Breakthrough
  4. Step On It // Eli Bennett - Breakthrough
  5. Forever // Eli Bennett - Breakthrough
  6. Mistaken Perception // Eli Bennett - Breakthrough
  7. Giant Steps // Eli Bennett - Breakthrough
  8. Upside Swagger // Eli Bennett - Breakthrough
  9. Breakthrough // Eli Bennett - Breakthrough